Challenge yourself

10805756_944984022181726_3513040332757756211_nWalking, running, cycling and fancy dress are fantastic fundraisers, but if you’re a thrill-seeker, they may not be for you.

A recent survey conducted for Mouth Cancer Action Month revealed some interesting facts about what we would do if we were told we had cancer. For the majority of us, this is only ever hypothetical, a ‘what if’. For 6,767 people in 2011, being told they had mouth cancer was not hypothetical.

Many of the responses involved conquering fear, and one of the top fears we have in the UK is heights. Cancer patients don’t have a choice whether to be scared or not, but YOU do. So, this year, we’re asking you to take the plunge and conquer your fear.

If you fancy yourself as a risk taker, there are plenty of extreme challenges you could do in order to raise money for mouth cancer. Bungee-jumping, obstacle course, treks, white-water rafting and even skydiving are all great fun while getting people talking about the disease and donating too!

That’s exactly what some of the staff at the Oral Health Foundation will be doing. In November, they leaped out of an aircraft at 13,000ft on 30 November to raise money for charity. Read more: Charity Skydive: Take Two.

If jumping out of a plane isn’t for you, how about an assault course? A team of dental students in Cardiff are doing just that. However, if you think it’s like Fun House or Total Wipeout, think again. One of the participants told us:

“This is no ordinary 10km run! I think I speak for the whole team when I say we are expecting a difficult but extremely fun challenge. A lot of team work will be involved to get us all around the course, so it will be a great team building experience. It’s an extremely difficult challenge which I’m sure will push us as a team to our limits.”

If this sounds like you, it’s really easy to find the nearest assault course. A quick search throws up the 10 best in the UK, so what are you waiting for?