Our Pledge

Mouth Cancer Support

We help and support all kinds of people whose lives have been effected by mouth cancer

Every 77 minutes somebody in the UK hears the devastating news that they have mouth cancer. It’s a truly life-changing event that will leave them feeling a mix of emotions. And it’s not only the sufferer that often needs help. Often, the family and friends of those effected also need help coming to terms with the change.

The real life after effects of somebody who has mouth cancer is something that can stay with that person forever. It is so important that they receive the right information and support throughout the process and are able to cope with the changes emotionally and physically.

For Mouth Cancer Action Month, we want your support to help go towards making a real difference for those whose lives have been effected by mouth cancer. From providing sufferers with support packs with information, to helping to fund support and network group, even providing specialist aftercare.

In addition to helping those with mouth cancer, the campaign continues to invest in providing education materials and resources to raise awareness of the disease. Your support has meant that over the last three year’s we have been able to invest £270,000 to help raise awareness of mouth cancer. Much of this work has taken place in some of the poorest and disadvantaged areas of the UK – areas which rates of mouth cancer are significantly higher.

British Dental Health Foundation Dental Helpline

Our Dental Helpline has taken more than 350,000 since is was first established

Last year alone, we were able to provide direct support to more than 350,000 people online, over the phone, by email and by printed information, who were looking to seek guidance about mouth cancer. Your continued support and donations will allow us to provide more educational materials for dental practices, hospitals, GPs and pharmacies. Donations will help people find direct support and guidance from our Dental Helpline, and will help fund the translation of all our mouth cancer materials into different languages so that everybody can access this crucial information.

We want to be in a position where we can really make a huge difference to the landscape of mouth cancer in the UK. By both providing support to those effected by the disease while delivering important messages of prevention and early detection to those most at risk.

The amount of help we can give is entirely up to you. Your donations, no matter how big or small, really do make a difference.

Please visit our donation page to find out how you can give to mouth cancer.

Alternatively, you can help us raise money and awareness by fundraising. Head over to our fundraising page to find out more.