Planning your event


planning-1Read through some of our best event ideas and think about which one is most relevant to your target audience. You should think about the message you want to get across and build your activity around that.



Once you’ve decided on what type of event you would like to run, it’s important to work out a budget. Many activities carry no cost at all but it is beneficial in most cases to provide people with written information to take away.

You might also consider approaching local businesses for competition prizes, healthy food options or additional funding. Some companies may want to sponsor an event if they think there is a positive community message.

date-and-time_FillDecide a date and start working towards it as soon as possible in your planning and promotion.

When considering your venue try to make it somewhere that will appeal to your target audience.


promoteUse local media: Local newsletters, daily papers, radio stations and television in your area are always keen on covering events for a good cause, so make them aware of the details of your event in good time!

Some ingenious advertising of your own can also increase your audience.

releaseHand out flyers: A cheap, effective way of promoting your event is to hand out flyers a few weeks in advance. Make them as interesting as possible: include all the key information such as the date, venue and type of event you have planned. Make sure people know about your event!

Smile for the camera: Think about photo opportunities – local papers love to use fun, entertaining photos as a basis for covering of local events. Book a photographer, because a good photo is a great way of generating media coverage and makes an excellent memento of your successful event.


Write a press release: Why not send out a press release too?  It’s an excellent means of promoting a good oral healthcare message through your local media outlets to a large, local audience.

Contact us: For further press release details and queries, contact our press office at, or on 01788 539792. The press office can assist with writing press releases, organising coverage and helping you put plans into practice.


Keep In touch: Make the most of Mouth Cancer Action Month! Let us know about the success of your events – email all your news, information and photos to our press office at


Sponsorship forms: If you do want to help and raise money for Mouth Cancer Action Month, you can download the sponsorship form here. It will show you how you can help get sponsored and how to pay in the money you raise:  Download sponsorship form.

Donate: Once you have completed your fundraising event and collected all the sponsorship money, the only thing you have to do is donate it to mouth cancer. You can donate online, by cheque, or bank transfer – whatever is easiest for you. Simply visit our donation page to find out more. 

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