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Denplan from Simplyhealth ProfessionalsSimplyhealth Professionals, the specialist provider of the UK’s leading dental payment plans, Denplan, is proud to once again be the main sponsor for Mouth Cancer Action Month.

As a leading voice within the dental industry, Simplyhealth Professionals is passionate about promoting the key messages of Mouth Cancer Action Month and making a difference alongside our 6,500 member dentists nationwide.

Mouth cancer is still a disease that has limited public awareness and understanding, despite the significant increase in cases diagnosed each year. We know that finding and treating mouth cancer early is a fundamental – if caught early, the chances of surviving more than five years is up to 90 per cent. Simplyhealth Professionals encourages regular dental check-ups – not only to keep your teeth and gums healthy but also so that your dentist can look for and monitor any changes in your mouth that could be signs of cancer. Early detection by your dentist could save your life.

The key messages of Mouth Cancer Action Month also help people to understand what to look out for in between dental appointments and take action to visit their dentist if they are concerned about any possible signs of mouth cancer. Our member dentists, who provide Denplan payment plans, are joining the hundreds of practices nationwide in opening their doors this November to offer free mouth cancer checks. To find a dentist in your area offering free mouth cancer examinations, visit Dental & Health Professionals.

In addition to our support of the main campaign, we are once again running our social media campaign #BlueLipSelfie – encouraging everyone to share a visible sign of their support for mouth cancer awareness. We hope this positive, interactive approach will significantly boost awareness of mouth cancer and promote the good news that early detection gives a good chance of beating the disease.

About Simplyhealth Professionals

Established in 1986 by two dentists who pioneered the concept of dental payment plans, Denplan has been at the heart of dental care for over 30 years. Owned by Simplyhealth since 2011, the company rebranded as Simplyhealth Professionals in February 2017.

Simplyhealth Professionals continues to provide Denplan, the UK’s leading dental payment plan, with more than 6,500 member dentists nationwide caring for approximately 1.7 million registered patients.

Simplyhealth Professionals provides a wide range of dental plans for adults and children, enabling patients to budget for their private dental care by spreading the cost through a fixed monthly fee. We support regular dental assessment and preventive care, reducing the need for clinical intervention and helping patients to maintain healthy teeth and gums for life. For further information visit

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